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The eagerly awaited World Gourmet Summit (WGS)   region and all around the world have congregated to  WELCOME N INDULGE
               2018 is now upon us, bringing the best of the world to   share and deepen our understanding of good food. This
               you for another international feast in “The Discovery   has become the tradition that has and will continue to
               WGS’. It’s going to be an incredible month of discovering   set us apart from other food events.
               roots, opening eyes and of course, tasting damned good
               food!                                       Coming to the topic of our past and future, we must not
                                                           forget our sponsors who are integral to the success of
               We have lined up this year’s edition as a sequel to the   WGS. We appreciate the help of USDEC and Luzerne,
               last: while still offering some of the best of traditionally   who are both back again to support our endeavours,
               sought-after Western European cuisines, we focus on   with their fantastic range of cheese and porcelain. We
               the new: new origins, new products, and new practices.   welcome the Swiss Education Group this year and their
               With refreshed perspectives, we continue to build an   first-class Swiss brand of culinary/hospitality. Last but
               updated  world-view  for  the  Singaporean  palate  and   not least, we recognise out long-term relationship with
               evolve on what we have grown to be renowned for over   Indoguna – 10 years to be exact. It has been an incredible
               our long and rich 22-year history.          decade and I’m looking forward to many more years of
               We’ve got a real global team cooking in the WGS 2018
               kitchens: Mexico, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Sicily, Japan,   As time moves forward, with new perspectives, trends,
               Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, and Australia will all be   techniques and a new generation of culinary stars,
               represented by some of their most talented. For first-  WGS follows suit. Our objective remains steadfast
               time experiences, Poland makes its WGS debut, proudly   as we push boundaries to provide new experiences
               helmed by the talented and highly acclaimed Chef Artur   for the Singaporean palate and be the gastronomic
               Moroz; Eastern Europe makes another return with the   gateway between this little red dot and the world. We
               support of the Embassies of Hungary and Ukraine,   will always work towards sustaining Singapore as a rich
               and opening up the world of Hungarian gastronomy is   gastronomic destination, and aim for the stars.
               Csaba Harmath, one of the world’s leading authorities in
               the field. This WGS, we have invited more expects like
               Mr. Harmath to share their perspectives and invaluable
               knowledge of food.                             Bon appetit!
               I am of the belief that you do not have to be a chef to
               have a profound appreciation for the food you eat and
               love. For this year’s WGS, I want it to be not just a feast
               for the sense, but food for the intelligence. I see WGS
               not just as a platform for networking exposure but also
               as an important centre for learning and discovery.
               As such, accomplished food writer Alessandra Gennaro
               from Italy, and ardent champion and philosopher of Irish
               food Kevin Thornton will both be making appearances
               as WGS’s food anthropologist and archaeologist
               respectively. Our aim here with them is to break         Peter A Knipp
               misconceived perceptions of food and get straight           Principal
               to the facts. For example, exploring what makes our
               favourite local dishes truly “Singaporean” and delving   Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd
               deeper into the history and heritage of the pretty plates
               that “foodies” post online. Since the inauguration of
               WGS, some of the best culinarians and experts from this

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