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Bunge is proud to introduce you to                     The living heritage that is Bunge
       the launch of its new edible oil                       We bring food from where it is grown to where it is needed.
                                                              For the last 200 years, Bunge has served the world, connecting
       range in Asia                                          harvests to homes, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and food
       FarmOrigin™, the new series of cooking oils that prides itself in
       its traceability and authenticity. Whether it is canola oil sourced   From farm to table
       from Canada, sunflower oil from Ukraine, soybean oil from   We ensure quality and food safety from the farms to your
       South America, rapeseed oil from Poland or coconut oil from   table. As world populations grow, we rely increasingly on
       the Philippines, FarmOrigin™ is all about purity and trustability.   farmers in the Americas and Europe. As a partner of choice, we
                                                              help them deliver better harvests and select the best seeds to
       Focusing on quality products that benefit customers has always   deliver you with the highest quality food all year round.
       been Angliss’ priority. Now, with an exclusive distributorship
       with FarmOrigin, Angliss is able to provide customers with   Bunge Asia Pte. Ltd.
       healthy, versatile, and premium cooking oils – choices that use   1 Wallich Street #08-01 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078881
       non-GMO ingredients!                                    For enquiries:

                  Retail                           Food Service                    Food Manufacturers

                                  Exclusively distributed by Angliss Singapore Pte. Ltd.
                                  232 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128420    |    Tel: (65) 6778 8787   |   Email:

                                              Fully certified
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