20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

Ocean Gems by Indoguna
Ocean Gems sources the best seafood around the world. Indoguna’s stringent selection process ensures a consistently high quality in our products. Every piece is cleaned, processed and packed within hours of harvesting to preserve its natural freshness and taste to the highest international standards.

No preservatives and chemicals are used in the process. Indoguna insists only premium quality and fresh flavours delivered in convenient, ready-to-use packaging. Join some of the world’s best and most demanding gourmet chefs in enjoying Ocean Gems products with full confidence! 
Tel: +65 6755 0330
Email: info@indoguna.com.sg
Website: www.indoguna.com

Proudly Presents

Saturday 08 April 2017
World's Finest Gastronomy presented by Indoguna ft. Bíró Lajos & Ken Ling
Price: $248+ pp
Event Closed