20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

Latteria Soreina
Dairy Partners Distributed by CLASSIC FINE FOODS

Latteria Soresina was founded on February 5th 1900 with the steadfast objective of offering top quality products combining tradition, experience and innovation. The quality of the milk delivered by the members and the close tie to the local territory, together with a century of experience in dairy manufacturing allow the products to keep their traditional flavour intact.
The commitment to modernization and the attention paid to the latest hygiene and safety protocols ensure that the Cooperative is always in compliance with the current technical and production standards.
All of these notions are summarized by the Controlled Supply Chain Certification utilized in order to check and track every step of the process, from the feeding of animals to the dispatch of the products.

For more information on Grana Padano, please visit website below:

For more information on Latteria Soresina, please visit website below:
Website: www.latteriasoresina.it

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Monday 27 March 2017
World Gourmet Summit Opening Reception
Price: $88+ pp
Event Closed
Sunday 09 April 2017
Sunday Brunch
Price: $108+ per pax
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Tuesday 11 April 2017
Farm Bread & Farm Cheese Reception
Price: By invitation!
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