20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

La Terre
Wine Whisky Bar Partner

La Terre is a wine and whisky bar located on Upper Circular Road where patrons can enjoy wine and whisky in an intimate setting. Occupying about 1,000 square feet and divided into three distinct sections, La Terre is an experience for the senses. Patrons first enter a retail area before passing through a well-lit cellar. From there, the bar, is the perfect environment for relaxing and enjoying wine and whisky. La Terre selection features entry level to high-end wines from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and other unique wine regions such as Lebanon and Greece chosen by Chief Sommelier Daisuke Kawai which will surely please enthusiasts. La Terre, which means “the earth” in French, recognises the soil as the origin and one of the most fundamental factors in winemaking.
Address: 11 Upper Circular Road #01-01, 058409
Tel: +65 6532 1031
Website: www.laterrewine.com
Business Hours: Monday-Saturday
Closed on Public Holidays
Resident Chef:
Daisuke Kawai

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Proudly Presents

Sunday 09 April 2017
Sunday Brunch
Price: $108+ per pax
Event Closed

Featured Activities

Saturday 15 April 2017, 6:30pm

Mongeard - Mugneret Vertical & Horizontal Tasting

Price: $180++ per person
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Event Closed