20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

La Maison Weiss
Official Chocolate Partner
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Our story begins in 1882 in the confectionery capital of Saint-Étienne. It was all down to creator and pioneer Eugène Weiss who discovered the art of praliné, and with his talent for blending, created Le Haut Chocolat®.

To preserve this unique artisanal tradition and expertise, Weiss today maintains complete control over the entire production chain, from selecting the finest ingredients such as cocoa beans, hazelnuts, and almonds, to creating luxury boxes of chocolate bonbons. We never stop innovating with and for our treasured clientele.

At Weiss, we source the best to create the best.

Website: www.chocolat-weiss.fr
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Wednesday 12 April 2017
Classic Fine Foods Media Luncheon ft. Julien Royer
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