20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

Rougié Foie Gras
Official Foie Gras Partner
Gourmet Partners Distributed by CLASSIC FINE FOODS
Geese, ducks and Rougié share a long history.

It all started in 1875 with the opening of a workshop which rapidly became the Mecca of all the gourmets of the region. On the strength of its increasingly wide spread reputation, the firm led by Léonce Rougié and subsequently by his son, Jean Rougié, gained a truly international stature in the 1950’s.

By constantly perfecting its working methods and receipts, the brand has become synonymous with French cuisine. Its foie gras is appreciated on all the most prestigious tables around the world.

Rougié can be found in all the top hotels, leading restaurants, luxury retail shops and airlines of 120 countries across all 5 continents.

Its ambition is to remain on top. The Rougié firm, established in Sarlat, the architectural gem of Black Périgord, has set its future in the development of top-quality products. Since joining the Rougié Bizac International (RBI) Group in 1999, it benefits from complete control over the entire duck trade for foie gras, from the egg to the finished product.

Website: www.rougie.com

Proudly Presents

Monday 27 March 2017
World Gourmet Summit Opening Reception
Price: $88+ pp
Event Closed
Friday 31 March 2017
Rougie Gourmet Delights with Ruinart ft. **Jarno Eggen
Price: $288+ pp
Event Closed
Tuesday 04 April 2017
Rougie Demo Workshop ft. Sebastien Lefort

2.00pm to 3.30pm (FIRST SESSION)

4.00PM to 5.30pm (SECOND SESSION)
Event Closed
Wednesday 12 April 2017
Classic Fine Foods Media Luncheon ft. Julien Royer
Event Closed