20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

UNcover a Gourmet Atlas
with Chope

The highlight event of this year’s festival where we see the congregation and celebration of this year’s theme “United Nations Gastronomic Assembly” in this gourmet party with the best of gastronomic and cocktail stations representing the various cuisines featured at the World Gourmet Summit, all at an easy price on the wallet. With the presence of the ambassadors of the different embassies involved, it truly lives up to the theme as we present the best of the world in one place.
Date: 02 April 2017, Sunday
Time: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Venue: Chijmes
Pricing: $28+ pp entry includes goodie bag with exciting door gifts and discount vouchers * All gourmet plates $10 each * Wine, beer & cocktail bars available
Event Closed

Hosting Chef:
Daniel Chavez

Fernando Arevalo

Ken Ling

Li Man

Luis Rodriguez

Wanthana Nikonsaen

Bunchu Nittayo

Chookiat Kantha

Luu Meng

Special Guest Chefs:
Bíró Lajos

Dharshan Munidasa

Grill Ueli

Quentin Glabus