20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

Daniel Ovadía
Known for his innovative style, Chef Ovadía is a rising culinary icon in Mexico as well as successful restaurateur. He is the founder of the Bull & Tank Restaurant Group and has established nine restaurants in Mexico and one in Paris, France. With his culinary skills and in-depth knowledge of the restaurant industry, Chef Ovadía has been invited to speak at conferences in Mexico and the United States. He was also elected by the Mexican Government to represent the country in its bicentennial celebrations in 2010 and has appeared in “Hombres en la Cocina” (Men in the Kitchen), a television programme aired in Mexico.

In 2016, Chef Ovadía received the National Award for Best Mexican Restaurant in the “Young Restaurant Entrepreneur” category from the National Chamber of Restaurants and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) in Mexico. This further cemented not only his talent as a chef but also a successful and seasoned restaurateur. 
Country Based In: Mexico
Establishment: Bull & Tank Restaurant Group

Events Information

Tuesday 28 March 2017 - Friday 31 March 2017

WGS Epicurean Delights ft. Daniel Ovadía

Price: Lunch - $36++ per person

Dinner - $88++ per person
Event Closed

Promo Code: WGSED
Thursday 30 March 2017
Mucho Mexico Dinner ft. Daniel Ovadia
Price: $188+ pp
Event Closed
Friday 31 March 2017
Culinary Masterclass & Luncheon at Miele ft. Daniel Ovadía
Price: $128+ per pax
Event Closed