20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

Bíró Lajos
Chef Biró Lajos is from Gyula, Hungary. His work experience is extensive, having owned a few restaurants as well as being the corporate chef for several groups. He has served the Embassy of Finland and Embassy of the USA as head chefs. When he was the manager and chef of Múzeum Kávéház Étterem , it was voted as the best restaurant in Hungary for five times, proving his commitment to the cuisine. Lajos was also the president of the Hungarian chef masterclass competition for five years. He has opened the first Chinese restaurant in Hungary and was among the pioneers who had implemented Chinese cuisine to the local diet. Gustó, Vendéglátás, Pincér és Vendég are among the publications that have featured this amazing chef who has written his own cook book and memoir.
Country Based In: Hungary
Establishment: Bock Bisztró

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Sunday 02 April 2017
UNcover a Gourmet Atlas with Chope
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* All gourmet plates $10 each
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Tuesday 04 April 2017 - Friday 07 April 2017

WGS Epicurean Delights ft. Biro Lajos

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Wednesday 05 April 2017
Culinary Masterclass & Luncheon ft. Bíró Lajos
Price: $128+ pp
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Saturday 08 April 2017
World's Finest Gastronomy presented by Indoguna ft. Bíró Lajos & Ken Ling
Price: $248+ pp
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