20 March 2017 - 16 April 2017

Keisuke Matsumoto
“A platter of vibrant, colourful and fresh Japanese seafood and vegetables bathed in a delicate and classically French sauce, presented like a work of art found in The Louvre.” This is how Chef Keisuke Matsumoto sees his culinary world, which he celebrates through the marriage of cultures and his unique Japanese-French fusion cuisine.

Group Executive Chef of Tsukada Global Holdings, the parent company of Lewin Terrace in Singapore, Chef Matsumoto hails from Sendai of Miyagi Prefecture in the north of Japan. From his early training and throughout his 30 years of experience as a chef, his passion for French classical cuisine has remained steadfast. After working his way through Tokyo’s established French restaurants, he spent four years in France mastering the French culinary techniques in Michelin-starred restaurants. During this time, he also learned to speak the language fluently. His immersion in the culture and valuable lessons gained has resulted in his distinctive culinary style and modern interpretations of food that have made him one of the most sought after chefs in Japan.
Country Based In: Japan
Establishment: Lewin Terrace
Restaurant Type: Japanese - French fusion

Events Information

Wednesday 29 March 2017 - Saturday 01 April 2017

WGS Epicurean Delights ft. *Kiriko Nakamura

Price: Lunch: 5 Course (Include 2 Dessert)
$88++ per person

Dinner: 8 course (Include 3 dessert)
$168++ per person
Event Closed

Promo Code: WGSED
Sunday 09 April 2017
Sunday Brunch
Price: $108+ per pax
Event Closed