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Singapore Pastry Alliance

Formed under the auspices of the Singapore Chef’s Association by an elite group of 12 pastry chefs in 2006, the Singapore Pastry Alliance is dedicated to create greater awareness for our pastry scene, while grooming and recognising the talents of the pastry scene in Singapore.

Since its formation, the Singapore Pastry Alliance has been an essential platform for Singapore’s pastry chefs to stay connected with the international pastry scene. By keeping up with the latest happenings on a global level, the Singapore Pastry Alliance is also a platform for chefs across different diversities to connect and inspire one another in the pursue of excellence.

With the belief of educating and nurturing the next generation of pastry chefs, the Singapore Pastry Alliance continuously organises educational programs and activities to create opportunities for budding chefs to learn and be inspired from the professionals.

Veterans of various expertise are also brought together to nurture the next generation, while creating opportunities for the young pastry chefs to showcase their craft.

Through such activities, Singapore Pastry Alliance aims to promote a culture on inquisitiveness, continuous learning, and a drive for excellence for all chefs; allowing our little red dot to remain competitive and to gain recognition on an international platform.
Country: Singapore
Website: singaporechefs.com

Events Information
Thursday 07 April 2016
World Gourmet Summit 2016: NKF Charity Gala Dinner
Event Closed