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4 Hands French Gastronomy
featuring Arnaud Bignon & Julien Royer

Chef Arnaud Bignon’s culinary passion was inspired by his grandfather’s garden in France, where he first gained respect for high-quality ingredients that have become an essential part of his whole approach to cooking. His personal style encompasses traditional French training with contemporary techniques, with a solid foundation of perfecting harmony and balance in all his dishes. Hosted by Odette, diners can expect refined French fare at its best, sure to tease your senses and delight your palate. With a passion to showcase the freshest ingredients through simple but beautiful dishes; Chef Julien Royer’s Artisanal menu style is a true reflection of both culinary tradition and his own creativity. Without a doubt, this 4 Hands dinner is a true representation of a French gastronomic extravaganza. 
Date: 09 April 2016, Saturday
Time: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Venue: Odette
Dress Code: Lounge Suit
Pricing: $388+
Ticketing: Event Closed
Hosting Chef: Julien Royer
Masterchef: Arnaud Bignon
Download: WGS Theme Dinner Menu
* Menu subject to change without prior notice