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Javier Aranda
Being only 28 years old, Chef Javier Aranda is positioned as one of the leaders of the Spanish dining arena, achieving his first Michelin Star at 27 with his first project, “La Cabra”. Some of the restaurants Javier has worked at includes Ars Vivendi, El Bohío, where we was working alongside with great masters such as Santi Santamaría, Urrechu, Piñera and Two Michelin star restaurant San Celoni.

Chef Javier Aranda developed his career through his time in many great restaurants such as “El Bohio alongside highly celebrated chefs such as Santi Santamaría. He plays his first post as Chef at age 24 in “Pinera” restaurant, which in 2012 was award the title the Cook revelation in Madrid Fusion.
Country Based In: Spain
Establishment: La Cabra
Hosted at: Binomio

Events Information
Monday 11 April 2016
Indoguna Presents Fermin Iberico Dinner featuring Javier Aranda, Jose Alonso & Diego Cabrera
Price: $248+
Event Closed

Tuesday 12 April 2016 - Thursday 14 April 2016

WGS Epicurean Delights featuring Javier Aranda

Price: $135++
Event Closed