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Nacho Manzano
Born in Asturias, a region in the North of Spain which has one of the strongest cuisines in Spain. A montainuos region by the sea. Chef Manzano has access to a wealth of produce, from the best meat, vegetables and dairy products from the land to the finest fish and seafood from the sea. Working with local producers while using the most avant-garde technique chef Manzano has single-handedly evolved and modernised cuisine of Asturias. Most important, his talent and humility have earned him an unanimous respect and appreciation from peers, food critics and foodies alike

Creative chef, who began his profession at the early age of 15 at Casa Victor Restaurant in Gijón. At the age of 22, he took on the responsibility of managing his own Restaurant, “Casa Marcial”, his parents' former bar and has earned Chef Mazano his reputation as a world-renowned culinary expert. Here he trains chefs, providing them with a comprehensive introduction into the Ibérica ideal

In 1999, he was granted the 1st prestigious Michelin Star for Casa Marcial. He currently appears in all the national guides as one of the greats of Spain, gastronomically speaking. Subsequently, he was considered by the prestigious magazine, Iberia, in 2001, to be one of the ten greats of Spanish cuisine which granted him “two suns” in the Repsol Guide.

In 2009, Chef Mazano was granted his second prestigious Michelin Star for Casa Marcial and the “Caldereta de Don Calixto” (Stew) award to the revitalisation of Asturian cuisine.
Country Based In: Spain
Establishment: Casa Marcial
Hosted at: Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Events Information
Wednesday 06 April 2016 - Saturday 09 April 2016

WGS Epicurean Delights featuring Nacho Manzano

Price: Gastronomy Menu
$158++ per person

Tasting Menu
$128++ per person

Event Closed

Thursday 07 April 2016
Culinary Masterclass & Luncheon at Miele featuring Nacho Manzano
Price: $128+
Event Closed

Friday 08 April 2016
Gastronomical Experiences of NUCA in House of Krug featuring Nacho Manzano
Price: $348+
Event Closed