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Arnaud Bignon
Arnaud Bignon joined The Greenhouse in 2012, from two Michelin-starred Spondi in Athens. In 2013 The Greenhouse was awarded a second star by The Michelin Guide.

Bignon commenced his career in Paris working at famed restaurants including the two Michelin-starred Drouant and at Alain Ducasse, before starting  in 1999 at celebrated, three Michelin-starred Le Bristol in Paris, where worked under head chef Eric Fréchon for six years. Bignon moved to Athens in 2005 to lead the kitchen at Spondi, where he earned the restaurant its second Michelin star in 2008. Bignon, then aged 32, was one of the youngest chefs ever to achieve this.

Bignon’s culinary passion was inspired by his grandfather’s garden in France, where he discovered a respect for highest quality ingredients that has become an essential part of his whole approach to cooking. His philosophy combines his traditional French training with contemporary techniques and is based around finding perfect harmony and balance in all his dishes and dictated by his knowledge of quality produce. He plays with fresh and original flavour combinations and his signature clean and contemporary presentation. He calls this inventive interplay between ingredients jeu des produits, which translates literally to ‘playing with ingredients’.

Arnaud places an unprecedented amount of attention into the sourcing of the finest produce, which takes centre stage in his dishes. Focussed on British and French produce, each dish is enhanced by flavours from across the globe. His exhaustive understanding of these ingredients allows him to approach their preparation with progressive techniques. Arnaud’s elemental approach is key to his acclaimed minimal style. Acidity is integral to the balance of flavours in each and every dish. He aims to surprise and delight with seemingly illogical, yet harmonious, flavour combinations, reworking classics to lauded effect.
Country Based In: United Kingdom
Establishment: The Greenhouse
Hosted at: Odette

Events Information
Wednesday 06 April 2016 - Friday 08 April 2016

WGS Epicurean Delights featuring Arnaud Bignon & Julien Royer

Price: $338++ per person
Event Closed

Friday 08 April 2016
Culinary Masterclass & Luncheon at Miele featuring Arnaud Bignon
Price: $128+
Event Closed

Saturday 09 April 2016
4 Hands French Gastronomy featuring Arnaud Bignon & Julien Royer
Price: $388+
Event Closed