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Meir Adoni
Chef Meir Adoni has been considered the leader of the elite cuisine in Israel for the last decade.Adoni is a gentleman of creation: leading his five  restaurants (Catit, Mizlala, BlueSky,  Lumina and Czarina), producing boutique catering events, participating in live television shows, writing books, creating apps and becoming a known worldwide culinary lecturer.

Catit, his first restaurant, was established in 2002 and became a culinary institution overnight.Today, Catit is known and praised in Israel and around the world for its virtuoso leadership in culinary creativity.

In 2011, Meir Adoni opened the Mizlala, the kicking younger sister of Catit. The Mizlala is a modern bistro, with a large bar, imaginative cocktails and a playful and up-to-date atmosphere.

In 2013, Chef Adoni launched the restaurant BlueSky on top of the Carlton Hotel. The restaurant looks out to the spectacular coastline of Tel Aviv on one side, and on the other it gazes on the urban landscape of the city. BlueSky offers a rich, state-of-the-art and kosher experience, ranging from small dishes beside a refreshing cocktail to a three course meal from the Chef’s kitchen.

Chef Adoni opened his fourth restaurant, Lumina, in 2014. A modern kosher meat bistro.Lumina’s menu includes dishes that are his interpretation of modern Israeli cooking, combining Mizlala’s signature dishes, classic bistro dishes and dishes from the traditional Jewish cuisine.The restaurant looks out at a spectacular view of the beach and is suitable for either an easy going and romantic experience or a festive family dinner.

The fifth restaurant opened two months ago - Czarina restaurant.

Throughout the years, Chef Adoni combined culinary creations alongside continuing his education in some of the world’s finest institutions, among them: Alinea in Chicago, Arzak in San Sebastián, La Maison Lenôtre in Paris, Cello Wine Bar in New York, Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney and Noma in Copenhagen.
Country Based In: Israel
Establishment: Catit Restaurant
Hosted at: The Disgruntled Chef at The Club

Events Information
Wednesday 06 April 2016
Israeli Evening featuring Meir Adoni
Price: $228+
Event Closed

Thursday 07 April 2016 - Saturday 09 April 2016

WGS Epicurean Delights featuring Meir Adoni

Price: $148++ per guest
Only for Dinner

WGS Disgruntled Pix Fixe Lunch menu is available at $45++ per guest
Event Closed

Thursday 07 April 2016
World Gourmet Summit 2016: NKF Charity Gala Dinner
Event Closed