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Singapore’s iconic penthouse craft-brewery, LeVeL33 invites you to join in a sky-high gastronomic adventure! Let your taste buds take flight with this first in Singapore experience that is true to the craft of culinary, mixology and craft-brewery.

If beer is the nectar of the gods, consuming it at the penthouse of Asia’s best business address™, the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), must surely bring on a heavenly experience. LeVeL33’s authentic craft brews of European heritage are a testimony to a daring approach to craft brewing that is original, innovative and relevant to today’s upmarket beer-drinking community.

Tradition meets technology at LeVeL33. Using authentic heritage recipes, original brewing methods and applying state-of-the-art technology by SALM & Co Gmbh – one of Europe’s oldest manufacturer of brewery machines, LeVeL33 expertly crafts its beers in-house. The five LeVeL33 signature craft beers include 33.1 Blond Lager, 33.15 India Pale Ale, 33.3 Stout, 33.4 House Porter and 33.9 Wheat Beer.

8,000 kg of specially developed microbrewery equipment comprising 12 tanks, two centre brew house kettles and accessories worth more than S$1.5 million, scaled 156 meters from ground level up Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1’s glass facade to take residence on the 33rd floor.

LeVeL33 knows no boundaries when it comes to brewing beers and is not limited to just producing these five variants. Different styles of seasonal beers have been crafted and are available every quarter until the tap runs dry - all true to authentic recipes and brewing methods.

Beer lovers and connoisseurs alike can now enjoy the heritage of beers from different parts of the world – true to their original brew, freshly created for an authentic experience.

New and innovative dishes lives up to LeVeL33’s culinary spirit with modern interpretation of European classics with a twist. Ingredients are sourced from the freshest produce to combine taste, textures, flavours, scents and colors to showcase a series of beer-infused rustic dishes specially created to compliment the unique craft beers.

Indulge in a sensorial experience of new dishes and freshly brewed craft beers each month, complete with a spectacular panoramic view of Marina bay and city skyline.

Address: 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 238879
Tel: +65 6834 3133
Email: reservations@level33.com.sg
Website: Click here to view
Cuisine: European
Resident Chef: Jimi Tegerdine

Events Information

Sunday 19 April 2015
WGS Sunset Celebration

Featured Activities

Tuesday 07 April 2015, 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Tuscan Experience with Acqua Panna
$168++ per person

Exclusive Reservations Partner