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Zenato production remains well below the maximum allowed by regulations, in order to bring out the very best of the grape by working the vineyards with absolute care and discipline. The harvest takes place only when the time is absolutely right and in line with tradition, even though using innovative methods.

The grapes are picked with great care, in order to preserve all the precious nectar in each bunch. Once in the winery, the must is kept in large vats in ideal fermentation conditions for each Zenato wine, which is then fined, aged and bottled.
The bottles, which are always of the very highest quality, are chosen with particular care, to protect the wine and ensure that it remains perfectly intact until the moment of tasting. Each Zenato wine is the result of this constant commitment to quality and of our boundless love of our land.
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Proudly Presents

Wednesday 22 April 2015
Rougie Foie Gras Dinner presented by Classic Fine Foods featuring Chris Salans at Forlino

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