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Misha's Vineyard
Beverage Partner

The location of Misha’s Vineyard is prone to unusually strong wind during spring and early summer due to the effect of the mountains which cause a channeling of airflow along the valley and lake.

A positive factor with wind is that disease is minimized, especially botrytis, and it can also be a natural devigorator. However on the negative side, it can slow canopy growth and cause damage to young vines.

When the second stage of the vineyard was planted on the most wind-prone of the lakefront slopes, our viticulturist, Robin, found a solution to mitigate the negative effects of this wind through an innovative application of shelter cloth normally used in orchards.

Robin’s idea was to stretch the shelter cloth along every fourth row to give some wind protection. This has provided optimal growing conditions for our young Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vines reducing any wind damage and improved the flowering, fruit set and yield.
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Saturday 18 April 2015
Scottish Seafood Dinner with Highland Park Whisky featuring Dallas Cuddy

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