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Green Chef
Official Chef Jacket Partner

Green Chef Wear, the first in Singapore to specialize in the making of chef apparel. We offer a wide range of quality chef wear to meet the ever changing culinary community in Singapore. Our selection of chef uniform is deemed to enhance the image of the chef as a profession as well as promote brand awareness for the corporate. With the station of celebrity chefs and award winning culinary establishments, we are set to focus on providing exquisitely crafted chef apparel to meet the increasing demand of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Our customized uniform solutions are specifically tailored to fit the need of our customers due to the uniqueness of each business. Materials are specially picked to ensure comfort and functionality to suit the kitchen environment.
From the classic to contemporary designs, our emphasis on deluxe details and finishing touches result in unrivalled sophistication. Every piece of our work exhibits our meticulous and uncompromising effort to produce the finest quality of chef uniform.

For chef apparels at competitive prices, the name to go for is “GREEN CHEF”.

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Proudly Presents

Tuesday 14 April 2015
Awards of Excellence Presentation Ceremony & World Gourmet Summit Opening Reception

Exclusive Reservations Partner