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Kaluga Queen Caviar Dinner
presented by Indoguna
with Snow Leopard Vodka
featuring Sandro Falbo

Sample the masterpiece of Chef Sandro Falbo, hailing from the prestigious The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, and prepare for the grand experience of having 1.8kg of Kaluga Queen Caviar, a full-bodied roe of the Sturgeon for each table. With its characteristic shimmering appearance, each bolus of caviar bursts with umami on the tongue and leaves a mild, nutty flavour. Bring out the distinctive taste of the caviar, touted as the ‘black gold’ standard in the industry, with exquisite wines, Champagne and Snow Leopard Vodka, the latter made from rare spelt grain made in one of the world’s finest distilleries.
Date: 23 April 2015
Time: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Venue: The Straits Room
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Dress Code: Lounge Suit
Pricing: S$558+
Ticketing: Event Closed
Hosting Chef: Sandro Falbo
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* Menu subject to change without prior notice


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