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Palm Amatawet
Chef Palm Amatawet’s apprenticeship into chiefdom started in 1988, at the age of three alongside his grandmother who owned a noodle house on KohSamui Island in Thailand. Up at 3am every morning, Chef Palm would accompany his mentor to make noodles and shop for produce at the local markets. Not just any old noodle house, “people used to fly from Bangkok just to buy kilos of my grandmother’s homemade noodles, they were something special” says Palm.

At the age of six, Chef Palm went to live on the mainland where his mother taught at the school he attended.
“Some weekends my mother would take me to the markets to buy all the ingredients so I could learn to cook meals. All other weekends our family would go to the palm oil plantation we own (hence his given name). It was there I’d pick all the vegetables, spices and fresh herbs from the garden.”

Chef Palm took over the culinary duties, cooking entire meals from scratch at age ten. This continued into his teens at boarding school, after which he moved to study in Australia at age eighteen. Chef Palm quickly worked his way to be the head cook in his aunt’s Thai kitchen in Sydney, then onto running a Vietnamese restaurant for six months. In 2002, Chef Palm met Chef Will Meyrick through his aunt, and commenced a two year stint working at Jimmy Liks.

Since then, Chef Palm’s resume has included a two year contract with the Oriental hotel in Thailand, the setup of Karma resort on KohSamui and Blossom restaurant in Bali with Will Meyrick. Palm also ran modern Thai restaurant Lotus and set up Husk in Hong Kong, before moving back to Bali to open Sarong and Mama San with Chef Will Meyrick.
Country Based In: Indonesia
Establishments: E & O
Hujan Locale
Mama San
Hosted at: Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar

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