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Shinichiro Takagi
Japanese Chef Shinichiro Takagi is owner and executive chef of Zeniya, located in his native city Kanazawa on Japan's western coast. A world-class cook with strong ties to his home region of Ishikawa, Chef Takagi loves using fresh, local fish and ingredients to prepare mouth-watering, Kaiseki-inspired cuisine. 

After finishing his bachelor's degree in commercial science at Nihon University, Chef Takagi began working at Kyoto Kitcho, one of the finest restaurants in Japan. Following this training, Chef Takagi moved back to his home city of Kanazawa, where after several years he became executive chef of Zeniya and eventually the restaurant's owner. In addition, Chef Takagi has been a lecturer at the prestigious Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka.

At Zeniya,  he prepares multi-course dinners inspired by the traditional meals served before tea ceremonies in Japan, and as in these ceremonies, special attention is given to pairing sake with the meal. Zeniya has a counter in front with seven seats where the chef spends most of his time. There are also eight private rooms in the back with a separate kitchen.  Chef Takagi is a vice president of Japan's Young Chef Organization "Zenkoku-Mebaekai" and is chairman of the group's Kanazawa branch.  Using this platform, Chef Takagi continues to promote Zeniya and Kaga cuisine for a worldwide audience.
Country Based In: Japan
Establishment: Zeniya
Hosted at: Floating Pods, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Events Information

Wednesday 15 April 2015
Taste of Ishikawa - The Origin of Harmony - featuring Shinichiro Takagi

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