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Scottish Seafood Collaborative Group

Generations of fishermen have braved the cold clear seas to harvest shellfish, whitefish, mackerel and herring. In more recent years, Scottish farmers have used their knowledge and expertise to create the world’s third largest farmed salmon industry, as well as a flourishing aquaculture sector for mussels and oysters. Scotland is one of Europe’s largest seafood producers, with annual exports exceeding £650 million. Sold to over 100 countries, our exclusive seafood is hand-picked by chefs around the world.

Scottish fishermen land a rich variety of seafood, fishing and farming more than 65 different species around the 12,000 km coastline. Scottish salmon is farmed in the sea lochs of the picturesque Highlands and Islands and is recognised worldwide as a delicious, nutritious, high quality, premium food. The pristine waters help to produce the characteristic taste of Scottish salmon, while strong tidal currents offer an abundance of exercise, producing the distinctive firm flesh. 

The Scottish seafood industry and supply chain is one of the most highly regulated in Europe, ensuring the safety and traceability of all seafood.  Many processing plants hold SALSA and BRC certifications, and our fishermen and fish farmers pioneer new technology and participate in innovative sustainable projects, to preserve fish stocks and the environment for future generations.

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