Celebrate 15 Years of Gastronomic Excellence

Singapore’s most esteemed culinary event – World Gourmet Summit celebrates the world’s finest flavours, most extraordinary wines and unique dining experiences. An annual gastronomic extravaganza where gourmands are dazzled by an array of delectable discoveries, revel in the presence of world-renowned Michelin-starred and celebrity chefs and indulge in gastronomic delights – one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The upcoming edition of the World Gourmet Summit celebrates 15 years of gastronomic excellence. Embark on this stimulating and tantalising epicurean adventure as we bring you exquisite gourmet creations of the world’s leading chefs, and experiential wine tastings from the world’s top vintners. The amazing line-up of specially themed culinary events, wine dinners and masterclasses will undoubtedly make the World Gourmet Summit a truly spectacular and memorable experience.

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