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Ferran Adrià

Special Guest Chef
Scarcely requiring any introduction, Ferran Adrià is a genius who is – for lack of a better adjective – indescribable. This is the man who singlehandedly fronted the culinary crusade that challenged the boundaries of food and science, culminating in his most famous creation – culinary foam, which has since found its way to restaurant menus all over the world. Adrià recently announced the closure of his critically acclaimed restaurant, El Bulli and its scheduled re-opening in 2014 as an academy for advanced culinary study – adding on yet another gastronomic milestone in his illustrious career.
Country: Spain
Restaurant: El Bulli
Restaurant Type: Deconstructivist
Events Information
22 April 2010
Special Guest-Chef Ferran Adrià Presentation - “ A Day at El Bulli, Past & Present ”

23 April 2010
Special Guest-Chef Ferran Adrià Presentation – “ El Bulli, Present & Future ”

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