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Lino Sauro

Partner Chef
Most would be hard-pressed to imagine that Chef Lino Sauro spent a good ten years to eventually fall in love with his choice of profession. His eternal search for wisdom combined with the love of travelling has seen Chef Sauro through various places around the globe and undertakings at Michelin-starred restaurants. Never one to remain content with status quo, the self-taught chef seeks to continually upgrade himself through reading and learning from his peers. Lucky for us, this story comes to a happy ending as what was once a form of means is now a full-blown passion. This year, in collaboration with the Garibaldi Group of Restaurants, this fun-loving chef brings to you his brand of south Italian cuisine at Gattopardo.
Restaurant: Gattopardo
Restaurant Type: South Italian
Events Information
18 April 2010
Norwegian Seafood Brunch Featuring Veuve Clicquot

22 April 2010
Pacific vs Mediterrean: Battle Of The Seas

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