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Jean-Charles Dubois

Partner Chef
Having clocked an innumerable amount of hours in the kitchen polishing his culinary expertise, the award-winning Chef Jean-Charles Dubois is the epitome of a chef. With an effervescent personality, Chef Dubois was the former chef de cuisine of Raffles Grill before embarking on his venture and setting up his own establishment, The French Kitchen. A French bistro known for its excellent cuisine served in an elegant environment reminiscing of a typical French café, he has not only successfully introduced his take on French cuisine but he has also succeeded in injecting his own brand of modern touches to traditional French fares. Thanks to his intuitive culinary talent, he now has a great following.
Restaurant: The French Kitchen
Restaurant Type: French
Events Information
18 April 2010
Dimanche Deluxe At The French Kitchen

Partner Restaurant Feature Activity
18 April 2010
Norwegian Seafood Brunch Featuring Veuve Clicquot

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