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Damon Amos

Partner Chef
Whilst his passion for food was inspired by his mother, Chef Damon Amos attributes his mentor, Chef Robert Schriani, as the shaping factor of his philosophy in the kitchen. Armed with strive and determination, his ideals have brought him around Australia; firstly to Queensland where he spent, as part of a five-year effort to learn all about the cattle industry, time on a working station. Followed by Brisbane where his restaurant was recognised as the best steak restaurant in Australia for three years in a row. Today, as the executive head chef of The Prime Society, he combines his insatiable curiosity with experimentations on age-old techniques and new and fresh ingredients to create true gourmet masterpieces guaranteed to make any full-blooded meat lovers rejoice.
Restaurant: The Prime Society
Restaurant Type: Modern Steakhouse
Events Information
21 April 2010
Two Smokin' Barrels

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