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Roberto Galetti

Partner Chef
Chef Roberto Galetti’s culinary career started at the prestigious Culinary Institute Caterina De Medici in his home country of Italy. With trainings and apprenticeships at the institution and some of the best restaurants that provided him with a strong foundation in traditional Italian cuisine, he ventured to London in 1989 to work for one of the world’s greatest Italian chefs of his time, Chef Adriano Paganini. From there, he moved up the ranks and continued his quest for culinary excellence in some of the best hotels around before finally settling in Singapore to start his very successful restaurant enterprise. Today, not only is he the executive chef of Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, he also oversees his restaurant empire of Garibaldi Group of Restaurants.
Restaurant: Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
Restaurant Type: Italian
Events Information
16 April 2010
To My Mother

Partner Restaurant Feature Activity
18 April 2010
Norwegian Seafood Brunch Featuring Veuve Clicquot

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