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Milind Sovani

Partner Chef
Chef Milind Sovani is not just your typical chef; in fact, he is Singapore’s most well-known Indian chef and an award-winning one too. He was recognised as the 2005 World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Awards Of Excellence Asian Ethnic Chef of the Year and also Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards Best Asian Cuisine Chef for two years in a row. With more than two decades of culinary experience, he has had the privilege to cook for the prime minister of India. At The Song of India, he leads local gourmands through a rediscovery of Indian regional cuisines. Thus far, he has hosted cookery shows as well as releasing his first cookbook, Five-Star Recipes.
Restaurant: The Song of India
Restaurant Type: Indian
Events Information
14 April 2010
Rashi Sutra - The Zodiac Cravings

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