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David Thompson
He is an Australian who specialises in Thai cuisine and his successful London restaurant, Nahm, holds the honour of being Europe’s first Michelin-starred Thai restaurant – David Thompson is the perfect embodiment of how geographical boundaries can be transcended in the culinary world with his expertise in the Thai cuisine. His cuisine at Nahm is based on traditional royal Thai dishes characterised by strong, fresh flavours and Thompson’s creativity. Currently based in the land of smiles, Thompson will be opening his new restaurant Nahm at Metropolitan Hotel Bangkok this May. His latest cookbook, Thai Street Food, is proof that this talented chef is capable of working the stove and wielding the pen.

Masterchef David Thompson will be presenting an Epicurean Delights menu at mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore from 19 to 23 April 2010.
Country: United Kingdom
Restaurant: Nahm
Restaurant Type: Thai
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Hosted At: mezza9 Grand Hyatt Singapore

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20 April 2010
David Thompson Culinary Workshop

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