Spanish Palate

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Convinced by the amazing quality of wine found in Spain, we decided to create Spanish Palate, a broad and colourful “palate” of quality wines all under one roof.

Spanish Palate is a collection of wines from small, independently owned wineries that want to show their wines to the world. Each display unique, regional character and have a wonderful sense of place. The wines are wines with soul, wines with art, wines that stir up our emotions. We are excited to share with the world, gems that we have found as we have tasted our way across Spain over the last many years. Wines produced by passionate winemakers eternally absorbed by their terroir.

Small wineries with stories and flavours that you fall in love with. Each producer has nurtured nature to bring out the best of their region. Spanish Palate enables these producers to show the fruits of their labour to the world.
Over 30 combined years of experience in the world of wine have enabled us to create this portfolio. With our expertise in Spanish wines and our market focused approach to sales, we aim to offer importers a one stop shop for a unique Spain.

We continue to taste our way around Spain as we continue to search for more hidden gems.

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Monday 27 March 2017
World Gourmet Summit Opening Reception
Price: $88+ pp
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